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"Together we will continue to build a movement of transparency and trust," says Rashid STAFFORD, VA – Today, 21 officials from eight Virginia localities spread across the First Congressional District announced support for Qasim Rashid's campaign for Congress. Rashid expressed gratitude for the strong showing of support. "I appreciate and respect every person on today's list," he said. "These are the leaders who best know how to advocate for the interests of the working families across the district. Together we will continue to build a movement

Rashid campaign invited Rep. Wittman to 6 nonpartisan debates across Virginia’s First District STAFFORD, VA - One month ago on July 8th, Democratic VA-01 candidate Qasim Rashid sent his Republican opponent Congressman Rob Wittman a letter inviting him to participate in six debates hosted by nonpartisan organizations. Wittman has not responded.  "Rob Wittman is refusing to listen to the needs of the First District. He is essentially ghosting the constituents who he is in office to serve. We haven’t heard from Rob, but we have heard

“My heart goes out to all of the Virginians who have been impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias and the tornadoes in the eastern part of our state,” says Rashid STAFFORD, VA - Yesterday, extreme weather conditions devastated parts of Virginia’s First Congressional District. Read Democratic Candidate for VA-01 Qasim Rashid’s statement on the damage here:  “My heart goes out to all of the Virginians who have been impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias and the tornadoes in the eastern part of our state. My team and I

“We need to understand that, as Mary rightly points out, the Postal Service is not a business. It's a public good" says Rashid STAFFORD, VA - Yesterday, during a tele-townhall, Rob Wittman received a question about the United States Postal Service from Mary, a senior citizen in a rural part of Virginia’s First Congressional District. “I depended on the post office for medications,” said Mary. “I think the new postmaster is treating it like a business, but the Post Office is mentioned in the constitution and

“From expanding health care and broadband access to tackling climate change, Qasim will deliver results for the people of Virginia’s 1st district." STAFFORD, VA – Today Former Presidential Candidate Julián Castro endorsed human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid, Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 1st District. Prior to his Presidential run, Castro was the youngest member of President Obama's Cabinet, serving as the 16th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 2014 to 2017. His campaign focused on combating the root causes of inequity

Rashid for Congress Campaign Releases Statement on Trump Sharing Video Stating "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat" May 28, 2020  Below is a statement from Qasim Rashid, a human rights lawyer who has dedicated his life to support women who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence and serve children from vulnerable communities. Qasim is running to transform his advocacy into results for the working families of Virginia’s 1st Congressional District. He believes in service, leadership, and compassion through action. To learn more, please

The GOP Cannot Blame Democrats for its Abysmal Failures FEBRUARY 5, 2020 STAFFORD, VA-- Qasim Rashid, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s First Congressional District, released the following response to the State of the Union and to Rep. Rob Wittman’s (VA-01) statement on the SOTU. “Tonight at the State of the Union, the President repeatedly lied about the economy, immigrants, education, healthcare, and the environment,” Rashid said, “Worse, Rep. Rob Wittman lied with him and blamed Democrats for his own failures.” Rep Wittman’s record of failed policies over the past

A human rights lawyer, Rashid’s campaign will focus on transforming his decades of advocacy into policy JANUARY 20, 2019   STAFFORD, VA-- Qasim Rashid has entered the race for Congress for Virginia’s First Congressional District (VA-01). In 2019, Rashid was the Democrat nominee for Virginia State Senate District 28, and ran against a 12-year-incumbent. He garnered support from 10,000 donors and 30,000 votes (50% more votes than any prior Democrat in Senate District 28). State Senate District 28 falls completely within VA-01 and Rashid looks to build