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Take Action

You can help Qasim win in November!

Qasim Rashid needs you! He’s not running for Congress just to win the election. He’s ALSO seizing the opportunity to help build empowered and activated citizens and leaders in VA’s First District. Come see how you can make an impact!

Campaign From Your Couch is an Organizing Meeting for volunteers. Learn about Qasim’s mission, Team Qasim and volunteer and leadership opportunities.

From texting and calling voters  to attending important campaign conversations and learning how to share the campaign with your network, we have opportunities for everyone! If there’s a way to have a conversation, show compassion and build community in the digital cloud above VA 01, we’re going to do it – and we are excited to have you with us!

Make an impact! Start a conversation and talk to your networks about Qasim…

Did you know that you are the best person to turn out the people in your life to vote for Qasim? We’re going to win this election because supporters, like you, are talking to their friends and families about why this election is important and why Qasim is the right choice for Virginia’s 1st District.

Starting a conversation is easier than you think!

Bring up the election during your next happy hour zoom, or over the dinner table, DM your friends on Facebook or send a quick text letting people know there’s an election on November 3rd and that you’re voting for Qasim.

Click the worksheet below to begin brainstorming how to talk to your network.

Want to speak to a campaign staffer? Come to our virtual field office!

Come ask questions and make your phonebank calls in the company of others.