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Qasim Rashid loves to laugh and believes dad jokes are one important key to building bridges across race, religion, nationality, and political party.

Qasim also loves dogs and plans to get a unique breed that gets sad when you feed it cantaloupe—known as a melon collie.


A few more dad jokes you may have seen in our email newsletters (reminder to sign up on our home page!):

One thing that Kamala Harris and I have in common is that we’re both American Asians.
Otherwise known as Amasian.
We are Amasian.

Why are cows the best high school teachers?

Because they’re pro-teen.

Did you hear the dad joke about Labor Day?
No? Well, it works!

Ok that wasn’t the best. Here’s one more…

Do you know what makes a joke a dad joke?
When it becomes apparent.

I got some negative feedback about some previous dad jokes.

All I have to say is just because the last one didn’t fly doesn’t mean you have to ostrichcize me.