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Rashid's Raisers

Activate your networks to support Qasim - join our Grassroots Fundraising Team!

Our campaign is powered by the people, not by corporations. That is a point of pride for our team, because we want you to know who are accountable to.

We’ve had more individual contributions during this campaign alone than our opponent has had in the 13 years he’s been in office. And every single dollar counts.

Part of what is driving our campaign’s success is that our volunteers and supporters feel empowered to join in. And fundraising is no exception to that trend. That’s why we’re asking you to join our Grassroots Fundraising Team: Rashid’s Raisers!

Let everyone in your network – friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, social media followings – know about Qasim. Tell them why his candidacy is important to you, and why they should support our campaign as well. If every one of our donors convinced 5 other people to chip in a few dollars, we could deliver our message of Compassion Through Action to every single constituent of Virginia’s First District.

Click the button below to join our team and learn more how your efforts can help us win on November 3rd.