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TONIGHT 6PM: Healthcare & COVID-19 Tele-Townhall


STAFFORD, VA – Tonight 6pm on Facebook Live Qasim Rashid, human rights lawyer and Democratic nominee for VA-01, will host a live-streamed tele-townhall on the critical issue of healthcare and the federal response to COVID-19. 

“Healthcare is a human right,” said Rashid. “It is imperative that we hold conversations with doctors and public health leaders like Dr. Dara Kass and Patrick Neustatter, MD. I’m excited to hear them offer their valuable perspectives on how we can recover from this pandemic and do the work to build a better, more equitable, society.”

The panel includes Qasim Rashid, Emergency Physician Dr. Dara Kass, and the Medical Director of the Lloyd Moss Free Clinic in Fredericksburg Patrick Neustatter, MD.

Vangie Williams, the 2018 Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia’s First District, will be introducing Rashid.