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Rashid for Congress Campaign Releases Statement on Trump Sharing Video Stating "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat" May 28, 2020  Below is a statement from Qasim Rashid, a human rights lawyer who has dedicated his life to support women who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence and serve children from vulnerable communities. Qasim is running to transform his advocacy into results for the working families of Virginia’s 1st Congressional District. He believes in service, leadership, and compassion through action. To learn more, please

A human rights lawyer, Rashid’s campaign will focus on transforming his decades of advocacy into policy JANUARY 20, 2019   STAFFORD, VA-- Qasim Rashid has entered the race for Congress for Virginia’s First Congressional District (VA-01). In 2019, Rashid was the Democrat nominee for Virginia State Senate District 28, and ran against a 12-year-incumbent. He garnered support from 10,000 donors and 30,000 votes (50% more votes than any prior Democrat in Senate District 28). State Senate District 28 falls completely within VA-01 and Rashid looks to build