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Wittman’s Bogus Attack on Rashid Swiftly Debunked


Qasim Rashid accesses healthcare through his campaign in compliance with FEC 

STAFFORD, VA – The Virginia Republican Party is spending the last 13 days before the election talking about Qasim Rashid. Their bogus allegation that Qasim is engaging in financial impropriety is easily debunked. Rashid is running for congress full time and under full compliance with FEC he is accessing healthcare through the campaign. Republicans in Virginia and all over the country are currently accessing healthcare through their campaigns as well. They are hopefully also reporting that to the FEC. 

“I utilize my campaign to access basic healthcare for myself and my family, a perfectly legal, nonpartisan issue that Republicans and Democrats alike around the country utilize while running for Congress,” says Qasim Rashid in a video addressing the latest GOP attacks. 

“I wouldn’t expect [Rob Wittman] to understand the need for healthcare.” Rashid continues, “this is a Congressman who has voted over 50 times to repeal the ACA without a replacement.” 

Congressman Wittman receives top notch government healthcare. Watch the full video here

“It’s hilarious that a 13-year incumbent like Rob Wittman is making time for this tomfoolery less than two weeks before election day,” says Spokeswoman Grace Hagerty. “Qasim outraised Rob in the third quarter so clearly team Wittman is scrambling. But credit where credit is due, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the Virginia GOP and Rob for ensuring that healthcare is at the center of the conversation in the remaining few days of voting.” 

The Rashid campaign proudly provides high-quality healthcare coverage to every full-time staff member. Qasim is committed to the health and safety of working families and this past week released the Compassion For Working Families Plan. Click here to read the plan.