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Rashid Responds to Wittman’s Singular Focus on Twitter


“Most of the electorate isn’t on Twitter. That’s why I’m accessible online and offline” says Rashid 

STAFFORD, VA – This election, there’s a politician who’s addicted to Twitter, and his name is Rob Wittman. Much of Congressman Rob Wittman’s negative campaign advertising and messaging centers around Democratic Candidate Qasim Rashid’s Twitter account. Rashid responds: 

“Rob Wittman must have a lot of time on his hands,” says Qasim Rashid, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Virginia’s First District. “He’s paying a lot more attention to my Twitter account than the issues that matter to America’s First Congressional District. “There’s a powerful politician addicted to Twitter, whose tweets are truly dangerous and his name is Donald Trump. The leader of Rob Wittman’s party.”  

“I understand that most of the electorate isn’t on Twitter,” Rashid continues. “That’s why I’m accessible online and offline, that’s why I’ve safely held over 100 in-person events where I connect with voters of all political persuasions. For 13 years, this district has had a congressman who has avoided public town halls, paid lip service to the critical issues, and ignored working families.I’m proud of my campaign and I look forward to representing the First District in Congress.”