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Qasim Rashid Supports Funding USPS After Wittman Proposes Cutting USPS Pensions


“We need to understand that, as Mary rightly points out, the Postal Service is not a business. It’s a public good” says Rashid

STAFFORD, VA – Yesterday, during a tele-townhall, Rob Wittman received a question about the United States Postal Service from Mary, a senior citizen in a rural part of Virginia’s First Congressional District.

“I depended on the post office for medications,” said Mary. “I think the new postmaster is treating it like a business, but the Post Office is mentioned in the constitution and it is a service. So what can you do to help us out?” asked Mary. 

“Unsurprisingly, he failed to answer her pre-screened question and revealed his unconscionable stance on Postal Service funding” says Grace Hagerty, Communications Director. 

Wittman responded to Mary’s question by asserting that the United States Postal Service should be treated like a business and concluded his response by proposing cuts to United States Post Service employees’ pensions. 

Listen to Mary’s questions by following this link and listening at the 28:48 time stamp here.  Rob Wittman’s tele-townhalls do not allow for follow up questions.

“We need to understand that, as Mary rightly points out, the Postal Service is not a business. It’s a public good. It is not designed to generate revenue like an Amazon would, or a FedEx would” says Qasim Rashid. “Its goal is to ensure that Americans have the ability to communicate with one another and receive essentials like medication in the mail. Its collapse will further devastate and decimate our rural and low-income economies and Rob Wittman doesn’t seem to care. His proposed cuts to the pensions of our Postal Workers are immoral, especially during a pandemic.” 

“Rob Wittman is grossly out of touch with the needs of Virginia’s First Congressional District” says Hagerty. “He dodged the premise of a pre-screened question that his team knowingly placed in the middle of a tele-townhall assuming no one would listen to it” Hagerty continued. “When Qasim is elected to represent the First District, he’ll continue to communicate clearly and transparently with his constituents. He did just that recently during his tour of the First District, holding safe, outdoor, socially distant events with question and answer sessions. And for those of us with reliable broadband, Qasim held a livestream on Twitter about the United States Postal Service this past Sunday.”

You can watch Qasim Rashid’s Twitter Livestream on broadband here.