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Democrat Congressional Candidate Qasim Rashid Responds to SOTU


The GOP Cannot Blame Democrats for its Abysmal Failures

STAFFORD, VA – Qasim Rashid, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s First Congressional District, released the following response to the State of the Union and to Rep. Rob Wittman’s (VA-01) statement on the SOTU.

“Tonight at the State of the Union, the President repeatedly lied about the economy, immigrants, education, healthcare, and the environment,” Rashid said, “Worse, Rep. Rob Wittman lied with him and blamed Democrats for his own failures.”

Rep Wittman’s record of failed policies over the past twelve years have significantly harmed the people of the First District, and the United States.

Rashid added, “The tax reform bill Rep Wittman supported has caused a $1 trillion annual deficit, he continues to vote to devastate working families by suppressing the poverty wage at $7.25/hour, he has had since 2007 to bring broadband to VA-01, and failed, he stands idle while the President rolls back water safety standards, and it is his GOP Senate that refuses to vote on the infrastructure bill.”

As a human rights lawyer Rashid has spent his career advocating for marginalized communities including persecuted Christians, children from lower income backgrounds, and women who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Rashid seeks to transform his advocacy into better policy for the people of Virginia’s First District. To that end, Rashid welcomes the support of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike by building a grassroots campaign focused on working class values, honesty, and relationships.

Constituents can follow him on Twitter @QasimRashid and Facebook @QasimRashidVA. To get involved with the campaign, please contact [email protected] .

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