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Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, Activist Gaye Adegbalola, Sen. Tim Kaine, Sec. Julián Castro, Qasim Rashid, Kick Off GOTV


“Let’s work together and win this,” says Rashid

STAFFORD, VA – On Saturday October 3rd, Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, Gaye Adegbalola, Sen. Tim Kaine, and former HUD Secretary Julián Castro will be joining the Rashid campaign to kick off phone banks during the campaign’s “Get Out the Vote” kick off. Secretary Castro and Delegate Carroll Foy will be speaking at 1pm, and Senator Kaine and Gaye Adegbalola will be speaking at 4pm, each to volunteers and campaign staff ready to call voters.

“There is so much enthusiasm around this campaign,” says Qasim Rashid, Democratic Candidate for Congress in VA-01. “I’m very grateful that my former law professor Senator Kaine and my friends Secretary Castro, Delegate Carroll Foy, and Gaye Adegbalola will be joining our outstanding team of volunteers and organizers during our Day of Action. We have roughly 30 days to get out the vote and I’m well aware that the greatest resource we have at this point is time. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who is dedicating time and energy into this campaign, let’s work together and win this.” 

“As a First District Voter and Organizing Director on Team Rashid, I’m proud to say that I really love what I do,” says Elissa Hackerson, Organizing Director. “My staff of eight Field Organizers, Team Rashid’s fifteen Fellows, and myself have hundreds of weekly conversations with voters and volunteers. This Saturday is an opportunity to mobilize.” Read Elissa’s recent Medium post here. 

The Day of Action will consist of virtual volunteer opportunities, click here to learn more. 

Rashid’s campaign is also working with CASA in Action, who recently endorsed Qasim, to provide phone banking opportunities specifically to reach out to Spanish-speaking voters. More details here.