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Qasim believes in service, leadership, and compassion. He is an immigrant, a proud American Muslim, and above all a devoted father and husband. Qasim is a Virginian, where he and his wife Ayesha are raising their three beautiful children.

Qasim earned his law degree from the University of Richmond School of Law and has a long track record of serving diverse communities in Virginia. This includes his work to combat domestic and sexual violence against women, uplift the incarcerated through prison chaplaincy, serve his neighbors through blood drives and highway cleanups, and advocate for children’s education.

Qasim channels his passion to serve the marginalized by working with national and international non-profit organizations that advance women’s rights, improve water, food, shelter, healthcare, and education access for children living in poverty, and fight to protect the religious freedom for all people. To that end Qasim has written numerous books, given hundreds of interviews, and testified before the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to protect the rights of persecuted religious minorities around the world. Likewise, Qasim has worked with the US Government to improve national security here at home, while upholding the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

In addition to his humanitarian commitments, Qasim works as a consultant to help major organizations, small businesses, and non-profits improve their corporate strategies, messaging, and innovation. He loves interfaith dialogue, running marathons, reading, and spending time with his wife and children. Qasim and his family attend worship services at the Masroor Mosque in Manassas.

Qasim aspires for a campaign built on transparency and trust, and invites you to reach out to him directly. Together, you and Qasim can make Virginia an even better place to call home.


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PO Box 489
524 Garrisonville Road
Garrisonville, VA, 22643